Welcome to the family, Gemmae Bake Shop!

There’s nothing better than seeing your hard work on the printed page….unless, maybe, your work ends up printed on bags of incredible baked goods!

Gemmae Bake Shop Logo & Label

Gemmae Bake Shop, a filipino bakery and restaurant, serves up incredible pastries, rolls, savory and sweet goods. It’s got the magic touch that transports you right back to Lola’s (filipino for “Grandma”) kitchen. If you’re in Long Beach, CA, make sure you check them out!

We’re so grateful for the opportunity to work on their logo and packaging redesign. We’ll be breaking down the entire process for you. Check back soon!

The Beagle Has Landed!

design, marketing, mass mailing, business card, loyalty card, restaurant, designSanta Rosa’s newest brewing sensation, Blue Beagle Coffee, has tapped us to design and market their grand opening! In addition to designing their site and social media, we’re also handling all of their print and marketing. First wave of marketing is in the books: business cards, loyalty cards and preliminary mass distro. Take a look in the portfolio =)

Keep in touch with their developments here
Thanks for being wonderful, Blue Beagle! Good luck on your grand opening!

Welcome to the family, Blue Beagle Coffee!


TINbox Solutions would like to welcome brand-new coffee shop, Blue Beagle Coffee, to the family! This Santa Fe based cafe will be serving up the good stuff (including a to-die-for signature dessert) this March. They have tapped TINbox to design all of their marketing material, including their website. We are thankful and grateful!

Please feel free to check out their splash page here and connect to their Facebook and Twitter. Santa Rosa, be ready to get your fix!

new gallery. coming soon.

tinbox-x-cooperconfec-labelssorry for the radio silence, everyone. TINbox has had a very busy year! We’ve become BBB Accredited, joined in with the Torrance, CA Chamber of Commerce, took on a bunch of new clients (one of them makes coffee! black GOLD!!!!) and have been zipping around between the East and West Coast. We’re also making some time to update the gallery and client list, with hopes to have that ready in the next month or so. hope your 2013 is starting off well. we’re ok with it so far 😉 have a good one!