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Growing up green


Just wrapped up work on Gaia Property Group’s new logo and we couldn’t be happier! Gaia Property Group is a high design, and fully green, building and development company. This fledgling company seeks to make the biggest impacts, with the smallest footprints. It’s a cause that we, at TINbox, are more than honored to support. When developing the logo for Gaia, we were asked asked to express the following: – a clean/modern logo, that didn’t feel too clinical – something that expressed nature – the use of an ensō A few brainstorms later, we decided that the concept of earth & sea would properly represent the elements that Gaia strives to ultimately protect. Delving deeper into that idea, we incorporated the owner’s deep appreciation for water and surfing. A natural fit, for both, is the beautiful ocean wave. And so, our first element was born! Moving along that path, we looked at how valuable water is to life (thanks Cosmos, for the late night inspirations!) and, in particular, what it’s life infusing qualities have grown… … Grown… …like a plant… a majestic plant… …like a tree! And thus, our elements were born, from which the Gail’s logo could be created: – an ensō – a wave – a tree Having all the pieces laid out on the table, all that was left to do was assemble the puzzle. It was quite fascinating, actually, how the entire process came together quite organically. By looking at all of the pieces, you could “form” the following mantra: the circle of life is one of enlightenment, respect and admiration for the gifts that sustain it To express that idea, we merged all of the images together, with color and form merging at key points. What we ended up with was quite satisfying, especially with the knowledge that we were lending our efforts to help support a company with a great goal in mind 🙂 Thanks to Chuck and the rest of GPG for the opportunity!