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Companies lIke fiverr are absolute death for the design industry. Offering a logo for five bucks is an insult to every graphic designer, calligrapher, typographer, writer, artist or creative that has invested the time & effort into honing their craft and making a decent living within their field. Are we guilty of price gouging? Sure. Did we, inadvertently, start this trend? Possibly. Is reducing the average wage of entire industries the answer? Absolutely not. As the owner of a company that looks to help small business thrive, I understand the value of staying within budget. However, please understand that you WILL get what you pay for. INVEST IN YOUR DREAM, BUSINESS OWNERS. Be honest with your budget and don’t be afraid to let your creatives know what you can afford. If you think a professional design is expensive, wait until you have to pay for your amateur one. Eager creatives, respect your craft and all of the pioneers that have paved the way. Don’t contribute to the notion that artists are unimportant or dispensable. You will make it! Just strive to be better and learn the business of being a designer (it IS a business, afterall). Why do you think lawyers and doctors are expensive? Because they are tasked with the heavy burden of handling matters that affect lives. You do the same with every business that turns to you, seeking a means to be successful, in a world that is primed to see them fail. Understand that! As for Fiverr (Fiverr.com) , I’ll consider supporting the model only if their owners choose to do the same. Find the best IT professional that can maintain your servers, for five bucks. Get excellent legal representation, to protect you from lawsuits. For five bucks. Find and subscribe to a quality health plan for you, your loved ones and your valued employees, for….you get the idea.