We like pizza… a LOT

It’s true! We are huge fans of pizza. So much so, we’ve even taken trips to Vegas (Secret Pizza), Seattle (Serious Pie) Arizona (Pizzeria Bianco) and SF (Tony’s Napoletana) to validate which pizza is the best. That being said, you can understand our excitement to work with a client like Umberto’s Pizzeria, in Plainview NY. While we haven’t had the chance to eat there, yet, we absolutely cannot wait to. The photos were AMAZING!!! We were fortunate enough to work on their summer promotional campaigns. From postcards and mailers to outdoor signage, we had the opportunity¬†design it all, in conjunction with their local copywriting and photo team. Thanks to everyone involved!

Umberto's promotional signage

Umberto’s promotional signage

Umberto's Pizzeria, summer promotional postcard

Umberto’s Pizzeria, summer promotional postcard